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One of the reasons Peugeot models are so dependable could be because of the simplicity of the models. This can be backed up by the fact their smaller models are more reliable than their larger models.

Generally, smaller cars that are aimed to be affordable and to get you from A to B with little fuss tend to be more reliable than other cars. This is often due to the fact that they lack the complex modern technology bigger and more luxurious cars boast about having. While it looks good and sounds appealing, the technology can often have faults. These faults can be expensive to repair or replace, thereby bringing the reliability down by quite a bit.

However, the simplistic city cars don’t necessarily have this technology, and are therefore more reliable. This also keeps the price down and in turn, the repair costs down.

Some Peugeot models are also quick to repair and the less time a model spends off the road the better their dependability score.

This is due to the fact that there are a lot of Peugeot cars on the road and they are made with more common parts than some of their more luxurious counterparts. This can come in handy when it needs replacement parts, as they will be less expensive and easier to source. All of these factors play into the reliability score.

So those are a few reasons why Peugeot are more dependable than some other manufacturers.