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There are several types of coolants, but all have the same purpose, which is to cool the engine and extend its life.

Coolants comply with French standards and are classified into different types.

  • Type 1 : freezing temperature close to -15°C, boiling temperature close to 155°C.
  • Type 2 : freezing temperature close to -18°C, boiling temperature close to 108°C.
  • Variety 3 : freezing temperature close to -35°C, boiling temperature close to 155°C.
Peugeot coolant is composed of antifreeze (48%), treated water (48%) and anticorrosive (4%).

Antifreeze agents have different colours depending on their technical characteristics and properties. Different colours are possible, i.e. blue, green, red, pink or yellow.

There are two main categories of coolants.


Type C antifreeze (blue or green colour) contains products of mineral origin. Although outdated with respect to the requirements of modern engines, they are still used in older engines.


D/G (yellow or red colour) 4-season liquids contain products of organic origin. Qualified as “universal”, they are more environmentally friendly and are miscible with other categories of liquids. They have a longer shelf life than liquids containing mineral products.

A final category has emerged in the coolant family. These are hybrid liquids, composed of mineral and organic products. They have a longer service life than other types and have been designed to meet the specific specifications of certain manufacturers.

For most Peugeot/ Citroën vehicles, the Peugeot coolant to be used will be type D. It is advisable to refer to the vehicle’s user manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.