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Cataclean is an extremely effective cleaner that will remove carbon, resin and gum build-up from the fuel and exhaust system. It is different to other fuel & exhaust system cleaners as it can clean post-combustion as well as pre-combustion, helping with problems such as catalytic converter issues, catalyst codes and EGR Valve issues.

Performance and efficiency robbing carbon build-up occurs as a natural by-product of combustion, more severe issues happen when this is left to accumulate over time, such as: blocked catalytic converters, dirty sensors and engine management lights. Cataclean’s mechanism of action is to clean pre- and post-combustion, pre-combustion Cataclean is carried with the fuel – removing deposits as it passes over components like the fuel injectors and upon combustion, Cataclean creates an acidic vapour of carboxylic acids which will clean the exhaust system including oxygen sensors, EGR valve, catalytic converter and exhaust.

Negative consequences of carbon build-up can be reduced MPG, poor performance and increased emissions.

Here are some of the signs you could need Cataclean:

= Increased exhaust emissions

= Failed MOT/NCT emissions

= Reduced performance

= Black/white smoke

= Rough running

= Lower fuel consumption

= Reduced power

= Engine management light

Using Cataclean can prevent and cure these problems and ensure your engine runs better and lasts longer.